Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Collin's 1st sleepover

Since Collin is such a big boy these days, we all went Friday (me and Matt were off) and bought him a full size set of mattresses. 

His "BIG BOY" bed! 

Jack was even a little excited for his brother!

The week before we got the new bed he had woke up in the middle of the night every night and to get in our bed around 1-2 am. This just wasn't kicking it for me and Matt. Our bed is already uncomfortable enough and then adding Collin the wildest, kick-en-est sleeper ever pretty much sums up to no sleep for anyone but Collin. 

In fact one night when Collin showed up in the middle of the night, Matt ended up on the couch in the living room, I ended up on the couch in the play room all the while Collin is snoozing in our big king size bed all by himself. Anyway... Since sleeping in his new bed, he has not showed up on our bedroom once!

Collin and Sophie had been begging to have a sleep over so we finally made that happen since we had room now! 

The night was a complete success and I'll be have to have SoSo over anytime! 

We played outside for a few minutes, ate supper, then they "swam"- bathed in my tub! 

Then they went straight to Collins room and played on the iPad for a few minutes and then said they were ready for bed. I was surprised. It was only 8:30. Well come about 1030 they were still in there talking and giggling! I had to tell them it was night time and time to go to sleep! 

We had a busy day the next day! We are all going to see Planes!

Trip to the movies

So I traded Sophie and Chloe for Jack for the day and we all went to the movies with friends to see Planes II.

Lindey brought Brody and Jace and Kara and Emmy came too. 

We ate lunch at O'Charleys after the movie.

Then took a trip to Target. Crazy kids. They enjoyed themselves. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

2nd Annual Family Chopped Competition

Since the 1st annual Chopped Competition was so much fun, we decided to hold a 2nd annual competition.

This year the teams were: Dan & Matt and Melissa & Me. You can we stepped our game up this year with the new personalize chef coats and aprons.

Mrs. Kathy selected our secret ingredients I believe with the special help of Uncle G. We had 35 minutes each round. Also on top of the secret ingredients each round, we also had to use a balsamic vinegar and a Bangkok peanut sauce.

We kicked off the appetizer round with chicken livers, left over shredded pork, canned red grapefruit, pomegranate juice, and fresh green beans.
My reaction to chicken livers - I've never eaten or cooked or wanted to do either!

Our team cooked a pork and chicken steamed dumpling with a cold green bean salad with a peanut dipping sauce.

Team M&D created a pork wonton and chicken liver on top of a green bean salad.

Judges doing their jobs:
Aunt Robin, Kaci, & Chef Gary
While we didn't get scores after each round, we heard the scores were extremely close with me and Melissa possibly a tab on top.

During the entrée round, we were given chicken, crawfish tails, fresh snowpeas, and marinated artichokes.

Melissa and I came up with a crawfish cream sauce atop a fried chicken and rice with a side of cold corn salad.

M&D cooked a 30 minute gumbo with a gourmet side of bread.

Both dished honestly were delicious! I would have had a hard time judging them against each other. The flavors of the dishes were o so good.

Our family really has some talented cooks!

Even after this round the scores were still close!

During the dessert round (my fav) we had to cook with a fruity baby food, plain Greek yogurt, Pringles and crescent rolls.... and a late adder of ramen noodles.

I have to say me and Melissa out done ourselves here. Not only was our dessert beautiful but it was absolutely delicious! We mimicked her Napoleon dessert that she cooks using filo-dough.

It's safe to say the guys had some problems with their dessert. They wouldn't admit it but even after the buzzer went off they were jerking stuff off the plate and then throwing it back on... we saw it guys! :)

They came up with a chocolate soufflé with a side of fruit and whipped topping and a slice of crescent roll.  

I was impressed with the soufflé! It was textbook good!

With the scores being so close before the dessert round, Melissa and I took the victory with that dessert!

Here's til next year guys!!

Tony videoed the whole night and we watched it after the competition. It's hilarious!

Can't wait to do it again next year!