Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jack's First Movie

Lindey and I took our boys plus a friend to the movies to see Inside Out. I had worked a few Saturday's ago so I took the day off. 

It was Jack's first trip to the movies! He actually did pretty good. He watched most of the movie and got a little restless at the end. 

I think Lindey and I enjoyed the movie the most. The idea and storyline of the movie is genius! 

Monday, June 15, 2015

OB adults only weekend

Such a fun weekend. I hope we do this for the rest of our lives!

Friday consisted of lazy river, pool hanging, boat riding, tequila shots for some! 

Saturday was mostly boat riding, lunch at Florabama Yacht Club, some decided to get in the water 3 outta 5 were stung by jellyfish hence why I stayed in the boat! That night we ate at Louisana Lagniappe. So good! 

Pensacola, FL - June 2015

All four of us enjoyed three nights on Pensacola Beach the first week of June. We went during the middle of the week from Tuesday to Friday. We didn't want to leave of course.

This was Jack that Monday afternoon while we were packing. He was walking around saying beach. 

We got up and left Tuesday morning around 9. After a few stops for lunch and groceries, we were checked in, settled in and in the pool by 1:30. 
That night we cooked the best thick cut pork chops in our condo. 

The next morning we headed to the beach. 
Matt caught a little tiny fish with the net. Jack and Collin had fun passing it back and forth. Poor fish! 
I think we stayed at the beach for an hour  max. We headed back for the pool. 
My handsome man! 
That evening we decided it would be a good time to order some food in.  Hence, Collin's first time in Hooter's. He acted a little shy while taking a picture with the girl. It was funny. 
After we ate dinner, we headed out for a walk on the bay side at sunset. It was beyond beautiful. 

Collin took our picture! 
The farther we walked, the darker it got...
On our way back in...
The next day (our last one) we literally hung out in the pool all day until like after seven o'clock that night. 
After a long day, the boys fell asleep early while Matt and cooked flank steak on the grill and then watch the worst lightening, thunderstorm I've ever seen at a beach. It was amazing. 
The next morning was kinda blah. Jack screamed his head off the ENTIRE time we packed up. He did this as soon as we got in the car so now we know what was wrong with him.... well both of them. 
We met granny and pop in Malbis to hand the boys over... Matt and I were headed to our once a head adults only get away to the beach with friends while the boys spent the weekend at granny and pops.